FadaDance Troupe is committed to the next generation of contemporary dancers. The Youth Company offers opportunities for junior, intermediate, and senior pre-professionals (ages 12 to 20) to develop their skills in preparation for an independent professional practice. The troupe goes beyond the technical training of dancers to develop young people as artists, with a focus on creation and collaboration with their peers. This initiative grew from the need to create a program to support young Saskatchewan artists and sustain a healthy dance ecology in the arts community of Regina.

FadaDance fosters a connection to the international dance community through Dance and the Child International. The troupe, including trio and youth company dancers, have attended conferences in Brazil (2003), Jamaica (2009), Taiwan - where they also attended the World Dance Alliance (2012), and Copenhagen (2015). These trips included opportunities to study, create, teach, and perform, as well as make international connections. We highly value our relationship with daCi and take inspiration from their mandate in our work with youth dancers.




This eight-day festival brought youth from a variety of arts organizations, including the Globe Theatre School and Deaf Crows Collective, together in the spirit of education and exposure. The festival showcases the creative potential that exists in collaboration and cross-disciplinary dialogue and workshopping amongst young artists. The FadaDance Youth Company presented T-E-X-T, an exploration of a relationship with words and language within the world of contemporary dance. This work included new choreography by Heather Cameron, Fran Gilboy, Misty Wensel, Kathryn Ricketts & Belle Brown McEwen.

Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe
Presented by:  The LAUNCH Festival
Venue:  The Artesian (Regina, SK)

LoFi HiFi 2017

Lo-Fi/Hi-Fi invokes a relationship between technology and nature. Using the four seasons and DIY lighting as departure points, the FadaDance Youth Company worked in collaboration with professional choreographers to create this innovative new work.

Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe
Presented by:  The LAUNCH festival
Venue:  The Globe Theatre (Regina, SK)

Get on the Bus 2016

Get on the Bus
invited the audience on a city bus tour to ten unique locations in Regina. These spaces were carefully chosen to revive, affect, and highlight environments not normally brought to life through dance. Youth Company dancers presented site specific works that were largely peer-choreographed with support from FadaDance Troupe mentors.

Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe & FadaDance Youth Company
Presented by:  FadaDance Troupe
Venue:  Alternative Public Spaces (Regina, SK)

Riddles of Space 2015

Inspired by place and space, the Youth Company studied impossible architecture, puzzles, riddles, conundrums, optical illusions and sacred geometry. The choreographers and dancers  manipulated space and created movement vocabulary within these complex contexts.

Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe
Presented by:  daCi (Dance and the Child International)
Venue:  Dansehallerne (Copenhagen, Denmark)



“Every child has the right to dance”. We believe that all children and young people should be able to express themselves through dance. Our aim is to create possibilities for children and young people around the world to experience dance as creators, performers and spectators.”



Moon Age Daydream 2014

Moon Age Daydream is a compilation of contemporary dance work sparked by mystery and intrigue.  Moon Age Daydream included work choreographed by FadaDance Troupe and students.

Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe
Presented by:  FadaDance Troupe
Venue:  Shu-Box Theater at Globe Theatre (Regina, SK)

Instinctive 2013

Choreography for Instinctive was motivated by human impulses rooted in animal nature.
This show was the first opportunity the Youth Company was given to find their choreographic voices and lead their peers through creative process and direction. The final production was a melting pot of peer-led and professional work.

Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe and FadaDance Youth Company
Presented by:  FadaDance Troupe
Venue:  Dr. Martin Leboldus Theater (Regina, SK)

Covet 2012

Covet is a work that explores escapism as a necessary coping mechanism in a often despairing world.  The idea of overcoming suffering through daydream and creating hope through imagination fueled this thoughtful creative process.  Covet is a work created from an emotional, visceral place where the dancers have embodied expression though the language of dance.  

Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe
Presented by:  daCi (Dance and the Child International) Venue:  Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

Trip the Light Fantastic 2009

This is a story about the interconnectedness of beings, of culture, of landscape, of music and of dance. This story tells us the truth of what happened when two very different tribes of people came together under the magic of the Northern night sky. Pulled by the mystery of the heart that leads one, or many as the case may be, to where they belong.

Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe
Presented by:  daCi (Dance and the Child International) Venue:  Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (Kingston, Jamaica)