In Response to the Metafold 2016

In Response to the Metafold is an offbeat response to an exhibition of large-scale surrealist oil paintings by Brendan Schick. Presented at the Art Gallery of Regina, this work allowed the dancers to respond to a series of visual art works in an interpretive manner of their choosing.  The collaboration was an exciting opportunity to cross-pollinate, bringing together visual art and dance audiences through a 30-minute piece presented in the same physical space as the paintings.


Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe
Dancers:  Heather Cameron, Fran Gilboy, Misty Wensel
Collaborator:  Brendan Schick
Presented by:  The Art Gallery of Regina
Venue:  The Art Gallery of Regina (Regina, SK)

Artwork imagery source Brendan Schick


of the show

“… spongy masses, almost like cumulus clouds, that peek from blue hoodies, or the tumorous accretions floating over twisted purple sheets…” - Galleries West

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Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 12.57.28 PM.png