FadaDance is not only a unique creative tour de force in Saskatchewan, but a gem for contemporary dance in the country. The influence this company has on nurturing well rounded young artists is profound. Fada at the core of their practice is able to be both joyfully accessible and at the same time pushing the boundaries of their form. This quality has allowed them to engage and build a community of discerning art patrons and all of us Saskatchewan art practitioners benefit from their work.
— Joseph Trembley, Curtain Razors Artistic Director

Their use of the performance space was inventive, their beautifully integrated design was powerful, and their physical storytelling was engaging and original. These three dancers are a force of nature, each of them bringing different elements to the mix, and complimenting each other’s skills.
— Michael Scholar Jr, Artistic Director of November Theatre

Inspired by the circumstances around and within them, this trio infuses their work with commitment to their community and deep care for one another.
It was a total pleasure to create “Ruelles” with these artists — I was welcomed into a creative exchange where the imaginative impulse was valued and pursued with pleasure. FadaDance Troupe is dance from the ground up, these artists are ever evolving towards their own unique ilk of creation and dynamic expression.
— Johanna Bundon, Choreographer & Dancer

The Art Gallery of Regina had the privilege of having FadaDance perform dance pieces inspired by our exhibitions, and we were thrilled to work with such creative collaborators! FadaDance approached our exhibitions as dancers, and their incredible performances would transform the gallery space every time. We loved seeing how they interpreted the exhibitions, and their creativity and sensitivity towards the artwork and their performance makes them stand out!
— Art Gallery of Regina

We have admired Regina’s FadaDance for many years. The company is a gem within Regina’s small independent arts scene. We were especially struck by their interest in further professionalizing their practice and challenging themselves as creators. Their tenacity and energy was infectious.
— Artistic Associates of the Globe Theatre Shumiatcher Sandbox Series

If only more festivals could offer introductions like we had at the Regina Folk Festival, I think everyone would get immersed into the mood of creativity and expression. The members of FadaDance tap into something that audiences and artists can all relate to, movement and imagination. Everyone in Calexico was impressed with the way that the FadaDance Troupe were able to make each and every introduction completely new and unique with costumes, themes, songs and dance that left you wanting to see what they would come up with next. I predict big things happening for FadaDance in festival seasons to come.
— Joey Burns Calexico Tucson, AZ

Creative energy embodied”
“Turning established ideas about dancing on their head”
“My belief is that everyone (after seeing you) has a secret desire to BE a FadaDancer!
— Sheila Coles, May 2011

My Fada lizard brethren are the most nimble and graceful of my underlings. slrppppglrrrpbllrrrrp. Their hypnotic welcoming of the Swampies to Willow Island was an imperative act of invocation, contributing to the collective mind control of the citizens of Regina. slrpppglrrrrpbllrrrpp. Without them, I would be lost in a lifeless swamp of aesthetic numbness. slrppppglrrrrpbllrrrpp.
— TAB (Toxic Algae Blob and Swamp Fest Grand Potentate)
As the Director of the Globe Theatre School and through LAUNCH Festival programming, I’ve had the opportunity to watch members of the FadaDance Youth Company work alongside professional artists. The creative confidence and mature artistic vision that these young people demonstrate is unique! They are able to take on the role of a director with resolution and a keen eye, responsively engage in critique and contribute to collective practices with openness and generosity. Fada provides these young people with the tools to communicate through dance and to translate their person voice into art; teaching them to be leaders, collaborators, and creative thinkers.
— Shaunna Dunn Director of Globe Theatre School / LAUNCH festival
What sets FadaDance apart from other dance companies is the work that the three principles behind FadaDance — Fran Gilboy, Heather Cameron and Misty Wensel — do outside the studio. Each year, they’re pretty much fixtures at events like the Regina Folk Festival, Cathedral Village Arts Festival, Canada Day and the Heritage Community Celebration. They also host popular dance parties around the Winter and Summer Solstice, and have presented work at the Globe Theatre as part of the Sandbox Series. By taking it to the street, so to speak, they’ve really made their mark in Regina. So congrats to them. /GB
— Prairie Dog Magazine
When I saw them in the afternoon, inspiring the kids to dance, I was already amazed at how wonderful it was to see DANCING at a music festival!!! But that night when I saw their show, I laughed, was awed, was moved and inspired!!!
— Robbie Kuster Drummer for Patrick Watson and the Wooden Arms
As the Artistic Director for the 2013 Lieutenant Governor Arts Awards I had the task of programming the evening’s entertainment, including the main feature performance piece that would represent the spirit of the event - an evening to celebrate excellence and innovation in the arts in Saskatchewan. My first choice for this undertaking was Regina’s FadaDance.

FadaDance developed, produced and presented an amazing and unique multi-disciplinary performance working within the given theme of the event and fulfilling all project funding requirements including youth development and mentorship. They were professional, reliable and pleasure to work with on every level.
— Laura Hale, AD of LGAA (2013 & 2014)
FadaDance are an innovative, versatile dance ensemble that created fun and frivolity in our family area and did a crack job of emceeing the Calgary Folk Music Festival’s main stage. It was refreshing to have 3 women keep the main stage tight, cover the housekeeping and do creative dances in a small space between artists.”
— Kerry Clarke Artistic Director of Calgary Folk Festival
Fada has been really good at partnering with the community and finding ways to connect. They haven’t lived in isolation. Their unique style of dance has inspired many an audience member at our annual festival and their creativity has served to initiate many a festival audience member into the world of contemporary dance. Their work, while challenging, has remained accessible to our large festival audiences at the RFF and they have taken many steps to bring contemporary dance into the larger arts community in Regina. Their presence at the festival has been such an important part of the festival experience that I have broken my rule of no repeats and brought them back again and again.
— Sandra Butel, Artistic Director of Regina Folk Festival / Regina Leader Post