Fadadance began as a trio


Heather, Fran, and Misty - on the dance floor at events like the Connect Electronic Music Festival, local parties and in self-initiated contemporary dance classes. This trio came together through a shared desire to create a dance community rooted in dance floor culture. Responsive and collaborative, FadaDance embraced the unexpected as they moved away from classical performance etiquette, and towards a new form of prairie dance. Their impulse led to the creation of the FadaDance School in 2004. As the school flourished, it became clear that the trio needed to distinguish their dual-identities of teacher and creator. In 2009, FadaDance Troupe was formed as a non-profit contemporary dance company. 

Today the troupe are prodigious creators of innovative contemporary work. They draw on principles of modern and contemporary dance, while pioneering new approaches to the artform and being bound by none. Their practice is fueled by curiosity: for each other, other art forms, the communities in which they live and work, and the next generation of dancers. This curiosity results in a collaborative model that provides a foundation for the troupe. Their sights are set on what comes next: new challenges, new skills, a new piece of the puzzle. In this way, Fada dancers are developing more than a repertoire, they’re connecting with the agency of their artistic voice. Since 2009, FadaDance Troupe has engaged in collaborations with a wide variety of Saskatchewan artists and performed cutting-edge work provincially, nationally, and globally. Since incorporating, the trio has created and performed eight full-length, self-produced dance productions, the majority of which sold out their entire runs.

FadaDance Troupe is guided by a collective experience of dance and inspired by the ways in which people of all ages, bodies, abilities, and backgrounds bring their unique point-of-view to a dance floor. Work by FadaDance is socially-engaged at its core, with a strong focus on the intimate relationship between dancer and audience. This focus results in work set in surprising spaces and models of presentation that are accessible and unexpected. FadaDance events are guided by a heavy dose of energy, excitement, and artistry. 

FadaDance Troupe includes a pre-professional training program for junior, intermediate, and senior dancers. This initiative grew from an identified lack of support for young artists aiming to develop an emerging practice. The Youth Company model empowers young dancers to develop as artists, eschewing training models that focus on competition. In addition to technical training, dancers are provided with unique performance opportunities and are guided in creating original work and building capacity for collaboration across disciplines.