The Show

House of Three 2013

A wickedly funny and delightfully sad story of three off-kilter maidens who spin a tale of love found, love lost, and love never-ending. This theatrical dance work possesses a chimerical quality sparked by envy, phenomena and grief. The characters delight and beguile audiences with their unadulterated humanness. This pivotal work began an important trajectory, weaving together elements of theatre, narrative, visual art, and dance into a rich and layered performance. Here, the trio experimented with collaboration across disciplines, partnering with visual artist Terri Fidelak and dramaturgist Michael Scholar Jr.


Choreography:  FadaDance Troupe
Dancers:  Heather Cameron, Fran Gilboy, Misty Wensel
Collaborators:  Terri Fidelak and Michael Scholar Jr.
Presented by:  The Globe Theatre Shumiatcher Sandbox Series
Venue: Globe Theatre (Regina, SK)
Photos: Elias Williams & Shawn Fulton



The Fates. Determined and portioned out by three women:
Clotho who spins the thread of your life;
Lachesis who measures it out;
Atropos who snips it off.

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